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Status-Q: Always on the bleeding edge…

[Original Link] Here’s a view of this weblog as seen in Chandler 0.1:

Good to know that it runs on Mac OS X. Even better to know that it’s mostly written in Python.

Taking Note of Journalism’s Worst

[Original Link] Richard Cohen: A Media Empire’s Injustices. “Since 1917 the Pulitzer Prizes — named for their creator, the 19th-century press baron Joseph Pulitzer — have been awarded to encourage excellence in journalism. I happen to think that more could be accomplished with a prize for the worst in journalism. It should be called the Murdoch….” [link from Dan Gillmor’s eJournal]

Vertical Keyboards

[Original Link] [link from the Guardian Online blog]

The new Honda ad

[Original Link] An advertising classic. More info about how it was made here.

Deserves a place alongside the Apple ‘1984’ ad, of which more here. If you want a really in-depth look at the Apple ad and its place in history, I suggest this paper by Ted Friedman.

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