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SCO starts suing Linux users

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Some of this article is just amazing:

When asked why his company had decided to sue end users rather than Linux distribution vendors, Stowell says: “If we did that, in some cases it could really hurt Linux, which is not necessarily something we want to do as a company. … If you go and sue a Linux distributor, that could potentially hurt the Linux marketplace.”

It would be funny if weren’t so dangerous.

Colm Toibin on Lady Gregory

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LinkedIn is a service designed to help you find contacts, recruits etc. You can invite people you know to be part of your ‘network’ of referrers, and you can then search for people based on particular criteria. It’ll tell you how many degrees of separation there are between you. You can only actually make contact with the people if those in the chain between you agree to forward your request. When the system gets past beta, you may need to make a small payment to LinkedIn as well.

This has been an obvious potential use of the Net ever since the whole ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ thing – see the Columbia SmallWorld project, for example, but this is an intriguing commercial implementation of the concept.


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To follow on from my post of a few days ago, I’ve now written a fairly substantial document using NeoOffice/J on my Mac, and it’s been completely stable, certainly more so than Microsoft Word, which has taken to crashing rather regularly for me. Maybe Word is just sulking?

Printing under NeoOffice seems to be phenomenally slow sometimes, but otherwise I’m very happy with it. I’ve realised that, these days, documents I’ve written become PDFs to be emailed more often than they become pieces of paper.


[Original Link] Is this the Swiss Army Knife for solid-state digital media?

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