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50 quid revolution?

[Original Link] Robert Cringeley says he’s found a major disruptive technology. It’s a $70 wireless router. But that’s not all… Thanks to John for the link

The musical sound of the cash register

[Original Link] Apple’s iTunes Music Store is selling over 3 million songs a week. And it’s still only open to people with a US credit card…

All must have prizes

[Original Link] Three things that get my goat:

  • The government’s constant striving to push as many kids as possible into higher education, (which is nothing whatsoever to do with keeping unemployment figures down),
  • the inflation of A-level grades (because everybody’s suddenly got so much cleverer over the last ten years)
  • The ridiculously low salaries of UK academics

All of which are components behind this report that Cambridge University is thinking of building three more colleges.

Three years ago…

[Original Link] Jakob Nielsen was talking about .NET taking over the world because it would enable micro-payments.

The meaning of life…

[Original Link]

I love this picture from John’s blog:

Reset Nokia 6600

For anyone who, like me, has been typing ‘reset nokia 6600’ into Google…

I like my 6600, but the software does have occasional glitches. Something happened on mine which stopped it syncing reliably with my Mac using iSync, so I wanted to try and restore it to its pristine out-of-the-box state. There are lots of tips out there on the web about how to do this – see here for example – but the most thorough format I’ve found so far can be achieved by going to Tools/Settings/Phone/General and choosing ‘Orig. Phone Settings’.

Still doesn’t delete everything, though… let’s see if it works…

Bother. No. Still crashes.

Follow-up, some months later: I eventually solved this by installing FExplorer and using it to delete all sorts of files I didn’t recognize. Somebody had pointed out that the Backup utility built into the Nokia was dying with the same AppArcServerThread error, and when I had deleted enough files to make that work, sure enough, iSync was working again.

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