Guardian calls it quits in Clark County fiasco

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The Telegraph, of course, revels in the end of the Guardian’s “Write to a Clark County voter” campaign. This follows an earlier article rejoicing in how it had backfired. The Guardian is saying that it was only shut down early because somebody hacked into the site and downloaded 20,000 personal addresses (which is deemed to be worse than 20,000 people downloading one address each).

The original Guardian article turns out to have been rather insightful:

It’s worth considering at the outset how counterproductive this might all be, especially if approached undiplomatically. Anybody might be justifiably angered by the idea of a foreigner trying to interfere in their democratic process.

And while the Guardian’s Albert Scardino is describing the project as “an overwhelming triumph”, I think the original piece may also prove to have been right when describing it as “a unique experiment”.

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