Ndiyo in the Guardian

There’s an article about Ndiyo in the Technology section of today’s Guardian.

It’s not bad – a few mistakes, but no more than the typical column. My main concern is that it sounds as if I did everything singlehandedly! Apologies to everybody else!

Update: Some have asked about the fact that I recently mentioned a photographer coming round, and then all that appeared in the article was a picture of coffee beans. This would have been entirely justified on aesthetic grounds, but in fact they did use a picture of me in the paper edition.

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Q – you appear to have turned into a coffee bean! Or was John Robertson’s lens dirty? πŸ™‚

Good article though – coverage in a national is always a great achievement for a small organisation.

I’m confused: I thought there was a USB angle to this, rather than Ethernet. Or is there some of each?

(scurries off to read around the subject some more)

Steven – the picture in paper was one of John Robertson’s; they used a different picture online. I imagine this was a timing issue but they may, quite reasonably, have decided that a picture of a coffee bean was more attractive than one of me πŸ™‚

Phil – no, you’re right, in that the Samsung monitors have a USB connection, not an Ethernet one.

FYI – there are a few other minor corrections: Swahili is spoken by over 50M people, not 15M, and DisplayLink has had just over $20M investment, not £20M. Some of these were my mistakes and some were Andrew’s, but the overall story I thought was well done.

15m not 50m? I could have sworn you said fifteen: a straightforward mishearing then. The ethernet was my mistake entirely. I should perhaps have checked the Swahili figure even if I had misheard it. That again was my mistake.

Anyway, there we are.

No worries, Andrew – it was probably my unclear diction! Besides, if it’s any consolation, I think there are rather fewer people who speak it as a first language, and rather more who speak it as a second one, so the figures are approximate anyway!

Well, according to Wikipedia “At least 80 million people speak Swahili, but only 5-10 million of these are native speakers”. That’s sourced off a hard-copy reference I can’t get at. Various other websites quote different figures. There seem to be only three or so countries where it’s an “official language” but it’s used as a lingua franca across a huge swathe of Africa.

In any case, I’m looking forward to the domestic version of the Nivo whereby my wife and daughter can access eBay and CBeebies while I put Wikipedia to rights and watch Sanctuary, all off the one PC…the costs savings would might pay for the broadband upgrade we would require πŸ˜‰

Any thoughts on Windows drivers yet?

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