Daily Archives:August 7th, 2007

The Mac sites are buzzing…

New iMacAnnounced today – new and very pretty iMacs, an update to iLife, and iWork now has a spreadsheet application and many other improvements.

An iWork update will certainly make me get my credit card out. I’ve become a great fan of Keynote and Pages, and the fact that Pages now has a ‘track changes’ feature means that most of my reasons for starting up Word have now vanished. Hurrah!

Have a look at some of the iWork demo videos on Apple’s site. Looks very pretty. My family pack is already on order…

Oh, and the Mac Mini is now a Core 2 Duo machine.


Not long ago, Dell announced that it was starting to ship computers with Linux installed.

Now Lenovo have followed suit. Lenovo are a large supplier of PCs, having bought IBM’s PC business a few years back.

This is encouraging stuff. Linux’s biggest handicap in the past has been that users need to install it, which put it at a big disadvantage when compared to other PC operating systems.

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