Daily Archives:August 29th, 2007

Subverting the Finder

Interesting – long after I had given up on there ever being further releases of SCPlugin, I discover that it’s still being developed and there have been two releases this year. (The previous one I’d tried was in 2004).

SCPlugin allows you to access much of the functionality of the Subversion version control system directly from the Finder, and adds badges to your icons to show the Subversion status of the files concerned.


David Hopkin sent me this rather nice picture:

It originally comes, apparently, from Worth1000.com, a site which I found appallingly difficult to navigate but which has large numbers of examples of what you can do with Photoshop. They’re of rather varied quality, but many are rather fun.

My place or yours?

This is just the sort of thing at which the web excels: ParkAtMyHouse.com. If you have a parking space available near a station, airport, or other public venue, you can advertise it here, and if you’re looking for one, this makes it easy to find.


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