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Jambo OpenOffice.org is a new version of OpenOffice translated into Swahili. Mzuri sana!. From Living Without Microsoft:

“A Microsoft spokeswoman said that Windows and Office are not available in Swahili at present.”

And they probably wouldn’t be affordable for most people if they were! More info at Kilinux. A sort of Tyndale for technology…?

Supply and demand

[Original Link] Doc Searls, the editor of Linux Journal, writes an email column called Suitwatch, “Views on Linux in Business”. From the December edition:

At PC Forum in March 2003, I asked Intel COO Paul Otellini why Intel didn’t release Linux device drivers along with ones for Windows. He pleaded absence of demand. I replied:

“There are two ways that markets happen. One is you wait for the demand to materialize and satisfy the demand. The other is you invent something that’s killer, and the demand follows. By one, necessity mothers your invention; by the other, your invention mothers the necessity. ”

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