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And, while we’re on linguistic topics, how about some Clerihews?

World Wide Words

“Seen as part of a Toys-R-Us advertisement in the Daily Telegraph in Nov 2004: ‘Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.’ You don’t say …”

From Michael Quinion’s wonderful World Wide Words site, which I’ve written about before. Well-worth browsing, or try the Surprise me! link.


S5 is ‘A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System’. It uses a single HTML file to create the content for Powerpoint-type slides, and CSS & Javascript to draw them. Not highly sophisticated, but very bandwidth-efficient, and all you need is a browser. Try looking at the sample slideshow and doing ‘View Source’.

Perhaps the nicest examples of what CSS formatting can do, though, are to be found at CSS Zen Garden, a whole host of web pages which all use the same HTML but are formatted with different CSS stylesheets to get very different looks.

OpenOffice 2.0 preview released

This Inquirer article lists some of the good things coming up in OpenOffice 2.0. The most important new feature is probably the database facility. The two most critical things missing in the Open Source world, I think, have been a good alternative to Microsoft Access, and a good accounts package. It will be interesting to see how close this comes to dealing with the first one.

Link from LWM

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