Quentin’s thought for the day…

…is to do with managing your to-do list:

It’s easy to be motivated to do the high-priority items.
The art of organisation is motivating yourself to do the low-priority ones.

Of course, rather than listening to my advice, you’d do better to get David Allen’s book, “Getting things done”.
I recommend the audio version. I listened to this in the car while commuting and found it much easier than finding the time to read the book.

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Bah – I got all the way through the audible registration process and apparently my country of residence prevents them from
selling it to me! Is there another way of obtaining it as audio? Incidentally this dialog box appears to run underneath
your sidebar to the full width of the screen (windows, IE 6.0). If I don’t add a hard return before it reaches the right
hand bar my comment goes underneath it!

Hi Jim – No, you’re quite right; I had forgotten that, but I had to use my wife’s US credit card to get it. A nuisance; I’m not sure there’s any other legal way around it. Incidentally, I bought mine through the iTunes Music Store rather than directly from Audible. Same problem, though.

Thanks for the info about the comments box; it’s so long since I used IE that I’ve forgotten some of its little bugs. I’ll see if I can tweak the stylesheet to make it less CSS-dependent.

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