Daily Archives:January 3rd, 2005

Dan Gillmor moves on

Dan has departed from the San Jose Mercury News after 10 years. I’ve enjoyed his writing there and will follow the news of his new venture in his blog.


Despite being one of the founders, I’ve been very bad at posting stuff to Living Without Microsoft in the last few weeks. But some of the other guys have been doing a much better job, and there has been some interesting news there recently. If you’re interested in alternatives to the Monopoly, check it out…

Oh, and please send in your contributions!

Gmail ATOM feeds

Interesting – if you have a GMail account, you can subscribe to it as an ATOM feed. (ATOM is very similar to RSS and accepted by most things that accept RSS). More info in the Gmail Help Center

IT Conversations

IT Conversations looks as if it has more than enough interesting stuff to keep my iPod topped up for a while!

And there are plenty of RSS feeds available. One thing that’s good is the option to download AAC files instead of MP3s. These provide better quality for a given file size, but the main advantage on iTunes/iPods, when playing long talks, interviews, audiobooks, is that the system stores a bookmark which remembers how much you’ve listened to. If you go and listen to something else and then come back, you carry on where you left off.

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