Vienna is a very nice RSS reader for the Mac. And it’s free.

I used to use a separate RSS reader in the early days of blogging, but stopped when Safari supported all the basic functions I needed, and did so very nicely. I’ve often considered switching to Firefox as my main browser, but I haven’t seen any extension which does RSS as neatly as Safari.

Vienna might just be nice enough to persuade me that a dedicated reader is a good idea again, though, which would free me to consider other browsers. Worth a look, anyway.

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Safari has always puzzled me; as a user of Firefox on my iBook (and all my PCs) I really don’t understand why Apple still bother with Safari. Invariably, it’s the ‘forgotten’ browser, and websites don’t work as well on it as the horrid MSIE or Firefox.

Having said that, the RSS support within Safari is excellent; but, using more than one machine regularly, a software-based RSS reader isn’t for me. The likes of Bloglines or Google Reader seem to work much better: which is where your RSS feed is. And, better for you: 4,000 people reading your blog via an online service like this means only one poll of your RSS feed, instead of 4,000 different polls: so everyone saves bandwidth too.

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