Surfin’ Safari

Mmm. That’s interesting. Steve Jobs has just announced the imminent release of the Safari browser for Windows – there’ll be a beta release later today.

That’s very smart. iTunes is one of the most popular Windows apps. It’ll be interesting to see how Safari does… And anything which ups the market share of minority browsers is a good thing in my book.

Update: Safari 3 Beta is now available, from This was posted with it. The Mac version, of course! It does seem rather snappier, and has a few nice features – the ability to rearrange tabs and tear them off to form separate pages is cool, and very nicely implemented. One thing I’ve often wanted is to be able to move a tabbed page from one window to another, so that windows are groups of pages on a particular topic. Now it’s easy….


I suspect Safari on Windows is less about Safari on Windows than it is about getting more Safari-compatible web pages.

I installed Safari on a Windows duo-core laptop and it works great. It hardly ever has errors in loading webpages. I find it to be much faster than the Internet Explorer or Yahoo browsers when loading pages like Facebook or my Yahoo mail.

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