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Leopard, Leopard, burning bright

Some nice demos of the pretty new features coming in Apple’s next version of the OS can be found here.

Steve Jobs apparently said that Leopard will be available in October, and made a nice comparison with Vista: The Basic version will be $129. The Premium version will be $129. The Business version will be $129 and the Ultimate version will be $129. It’s all the same thing. “Most people”, he quipped, “will just go for the Ultimate version.”

Surfin’ Safari

Mmm. That’s interesting. Steve Jobs has just announced the imminent release of the Safari browser for Windows – there’ll be a beta release later today.

That’s very smart. iTunes is one of the most popular Windows apps. It’ll be interesting to see how Safari does… And anything which ups the market share of minority browsers is a good thing in my book.

Update: Safari 3 Beta is now available, from http://www.apple.com/safari/. This was posted with it. The Mac version, of course! It does seem rather snappier, and has a few nice features – the ability to rearrange tabs and tear them off to form separate pages is cool, and very nicely implemented. One thing I’ve often wanted is to be able to move a tabbed page from one window to another, so that windows are groups of pages on a particular topic. Now it’s easy….

The Paper Renaissance

I’ve now converted the second of my talks from the GOVIS 2007 conference. This one is about Exbiblio – a project to bring paper documents to life by giving them digital capabilities.

You can watch it directly here, if you should be so inclined, or there are links below to versions you can download and play in QuickTime or iTunes if wanted.

These are both H.264-based MP4 files. You can right-click and save them to disk.

IPOD version (71MB) (mirror)
High quality MP4 version (162MB) (mirror)
Windows Media version (100MB)

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