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One of the good things about having a blog based on WordPress is that people have written lots of cool plugins for it.

Alex, at the Wasabi blog, has one called Related Entries which does a search for other posts on your blog that might be relevant to the one you’re looking at. I’ve tweaked it a bit and have installed it, as an experiment, on the individual post pages here (which you can always get to by clicking on the title of a post).

If you’re looking at this entry on the summary page, for example, click on the title and it will take you to the post’s own page, and the plugin will suggest some of my other posts about WordPress and blogging. Quite sweet!

Update – the plugin has moved and can now be found here

Dial Tune

Thought for the day…

A standard dial tone is made up of two simultaneous frequencies: 350Hz and 440Hz. As any musician will tell you, 440Hz is the A above middle C – the concert pitch standard adopted in the 1930s. 350Hz is the F just below it.

Some modern phones (such as my DECT cordless handsets) generate their own dialtone, which for some reason is at a different pitch, and mobiles, of course, don’t have one at all, but if you lift the receiver on a standard landline, you should be able to recognise the two notes.

So if you find yourself needing to tune an instrument, or set the pitch for a choir, but you don’t have a tuning fork handy, just turn to the nearest telephone!


Another good reason for using the Firefox web browser: the FlashBlock extension gets rid of most of those annoying Flash-based advertisements and shows a nice static placeholder icon on the page instead. If you actually want to see the Flash content, you can just click on it.
One click to install.

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