Textual healing

I’m one of those people who has no idea how many free texts I get on my phone, because I never get anywhere close to the limit.

It may be something to do with getting into the Blackberry thing early, so it’s always just been cheaper for me to send emails. Or it may be that I just never really like small keyboards, so while I read a great deal on my phone, I don’t write very much (despite my E61 having a nice QWERTY keyboard).

When I do want to send a text to someone, I often go to my laptop and right-click on their name in Address Book because it’s just so much easier to send it by Skype.

Anyway, what prompted me to post was the discovery that my mother is changing her phone plan because 100 texts a month aren’t enough for her. I probably don’t send that many in a year! So am I way uncool, or is it cooler not to be sending texts now that my Mum is being so prolific? How many texts do you send?

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A lot really! My plan has 150 a week (I rarely go over that value, but I have friends who do a lot!). Among people my age (19) and younger people do use texting a lot (mainly because you can do it in classes), so it’s a way of keeping in touch all the time. Oh, and it’s asynchronous! The people who receives doesn’t have to read it that precise moment, they can read it after and then reply (you can’t have this with voice calls, but you can with email, that most of people see only in computers).

And I personally write a lot because having a full query keyboard (HTC TyTN, not like your E61) makes me write a 3-text messages instead of just one by cntrctng cnsnnts like most people do.

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