Daily Archives:May 16th, 2008

The gorilla in the room

Michael and Laura today gave me a fabulous present. It’s a Gorillapod, a beautifully-designed device which lets you put cameras – or other things with similar mounts – almost anywhere.

Gorillapod on chair

Here it is on my bike handlebars:

We had fun today thinking of other things to do with it.

And I mounted my little Ixus on it and recorded video in unusual places. (Such as the view from the top of my head while walking home from lunch – I got to see what the world would look like if I were several inches taller)

If you need to find a present for someone with any interest in photography or video, I’d strongly recommend one of these. It’s fantastic. It’s also very tactile – a great stress-relieving executive toy…

UK readers can get them from Amazon.

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