Coffee in Ambridge (CAmbridge)

You know that something has become a true part of British life when it gets mentioned on The Archers. The Archers, for anyone outside the UK, is a BBC Radio soap opera, set in rural England, that has been running for 55 years and has aired about 15,000 episodes. It started when Britain was still subject to rationing after the war, and part of its purpose then was to embed hints in the story to farmers about how they could raise agricultural productivity.

Anyway, yesterday, the subject of webcams came up and they mentioned the Trojan Room Coffee Pot which Paul, Dan & I set up in the early nineties when we were still subject to coffee rationing. The full programme is on the BBC web site but I’m not sure how long it will stay there, so I hope they won’t mind me posting this two-minute MP3 clip.

I’ll make no claims about whether or not this particular plot-line will increase British productivity…

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I hadn’t realised that you were the co-inventor. I remember it was a “Cool Site of the Day” and used to browse it frequently from my desk in the London academic publisher Routledge.
When I heard it was taken offline, I have to admit to getting a little misty eyed!

Ah, nostalgia….

Talking of cool images, there are some fabulous ones on Richard’s web site here and here

The Pot came up as ‘Today’s Featured Picture’ on Wikipedia: 22-Aug-2016.
(direct link: )

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