Daily Archives:March 9th, 2005

Recommending WordPress

It’s nearly three months now since I moved Status-Q from Radio to WordPress and I have no regrets at all. One of the nicest things about WordPress is that, since it’s entirely web-based, I don’t need to run any separate software if I want to make a quick post. I always have a browser running, and everything I need is on my bookmark bar:

Installing it on your web server is pretty simple, if you’re a bit of a geek and not phased by things like MySQL databases. If not, a Google search will turn up a large number of sites offering WordPress hosting.

Since I moved, the frequency of my posts has definitely gone up, and since I helped John make the change, so has his.

In my case, as the quantity has gone up, the quality may have gone down, but that’s because I’m spending all my time writing patents at the moment and it has a numbing effect on the brain.

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