Daily Archives:March 8th, 2005

The battle for your photos

Picasa 2
looks as if it may be competing with Flickr to be the e-shoebox of choice….

The Comedy of the Commons

There’s a great talk by Larry Lessig over at IT Conversations. If you can afford a full hour and a half (and I recommend it), it’s also well worth listening to the questions & answers at the end. As I’ve mentioned before, IT Conversations is a site worth pointing your iPodder at, and especially since they have AAC versions available – a big advantage for this kind of audio.

One thing Larry talks about is the end-to-end nature of the internet, what that has enabled, and how service-providers are trying to subvert it. I was reminded of this when reading this post about how the FCC have stopped one North Carolina broadband provider from blocking VoIP ports.

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