The battle for your photos

Picasa 2
looks as if it may be competing with Flickr to be the e-shoebox of choice….

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I use Picasa with Flickr; as far as I can tell Picasa is for your hard disk, with some uploading features, and Flickr is web
based. But they are both brilliant and WAY ahead of being a mere e-shoebox. Picasa finds all the pictures on your hard disk,
which seemed a bit “so what?” to me until I tried it and it uncovered things I’d completely forgotten about due to my own
untidy filing, and it has a really nice interface and really great enhancing tools. Meanwhile Flickr is really fun if you
are interested in sharing photos, as the tagging aspect not only allows you to organise your own, but also puts you in touch
with likeminded others. I really like guitars and phones, and I can use the tags to group my own photos as well as find
other people’s shots. You can also drag thumbnails from Picasa to Flickr’s uploader, which makes publishing
photos really easy. And Picasa can link to “Hello”, which is a very very cool chat/photo sharing/IM type thing. My Flickr
galleries are at

Thanks, Jim – interesting stuff!

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