I was looking up a word in my Mac’s dictionary and, being somewhat uncertain about the details of the response, I reached for the rather heavy OED which is on the bookshelf above my desk. Argh! It slipped from my grasp and crashed down on my Powerbook, scratching the screen and breaking two keys. I looked up, aghast, at the screen where the Dictionary application was cheerfully saying:

dictionary screen shot


Well, it’s not all as tragic as it sounds. What I thought were permanent marks on the screen (because they didn’t come off with a damp cloth) soon succumbed to the world’s greatest cleaner. And I find that, even though it’s not very obvious from their site, PBParts can supply both the key caps and the little scissor mechanisms which go underneath. (Most people will tell you that you need a new keyboard). In the meantime, I have an external keyboard so I can keep working…

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