Disposable Camcorders?

Well, not quite, but the American CVS pharmacy is apparently introducing a Digital One-Time-Use Video Camcorder.

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That could be fun, especially if it’s hackable in any way. I wonder if you actually buy it or merely lease/rent it from CVS? If it was the latter I guess you’d not be encouraged to take the back off it etc.

I’ve hacked numerous disposable cameras in different ways over the last 10 years or so (replacing films mostly), but of course that has the strange effect of making a throwaway item (that you should feel comfortable taking to rough events where a more expensive item might get stolen) into something precious and something you take more care of… :S

Purchased a disposable camorder at CVS for $29, took it on a trip to vidotape grandchildren, the batteries (Toshiba) died after ten minutes. Couldn’t get back to a CVS while we were there, and I didn’t want to try to get into it and put in new batteries. Took it back to our local CVS, and they replaced the batteries (free) because this is a common problem with these cameras…….TEN MINUTE batteries! It’s supposed to have batteries lasting 100 minutes and take 20 min of film. They better get it together if they want to market any more of these!

Had the same battery problem, except mine were dead when I first turned the camera on. CVS repaced the batteries and there were no further problems

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