Daily Archives:July 15th, 2005


The Cornell campus is lovely, because as well as bits like this:

it has bits like this:


and this:


and this:


A few more pictures here.

After this, just a few miles down the road, I drove through the heaviest rainstorm I can remember, with lightning exploding overhead.

I’m now in Old Forge, NY with a hope of seeing something of the Adirondacks tomorrow.

This morning…

…I went to Taughannock Falls, not far from Ithaca. This is a magical place and my photos cannot possibly do it justice, but clicking on the pictures below will take you to some more of them on Flickr.

There wasn’t much water coming over the falls after the recent hot weather…

Taughannock Falls

…but that just gave me more chance to walk along the riverbed and paddle in the pools, and to appreciate the beautiful rocks.

Taughannock Falls

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