Daily Archives:July 23rd, 2005

The new radio

Rose has been avidly listening to the cricket. Well, à chacun son gout, that’s what I say. However, during much of the day, it’s only broadcast on BBC Radio 4 LW (Long Wave), not on FM.

Now, the last time I used Long Wave, we specified things by wavelength and hence everything was in metres, whereas now everything is in kHz, so it took me a while to realise that we no longer have a radio in the house, at least not a portable one, capable of receiving LW.

Ironically, the only way we could allow Rose to listen to the cricket while working in the garden was to put a laptop out there and connect to the BBC web site using our own wireless network. (Which can be found on your dial at about the 12cm mark, by the way.)

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