Here at Foo Camp, I’m intrigued (and encouraged) by the high proportion of Mac users amongst the attendees. It must be at least 50% and probably rather more. Compare that with the single-figure digits in the population as a whole.

This seems to be happening at most techie conferences these days. Some Apple guys yesterday were talking about the challenges of having a user community which is increasingly made up of geeks as well as grandmas, and how they often want opposite things from the same platform. So far, Apple seem to be succeeding in both camps.

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I’ve seen this at numerous conferences. Reboot. NotCon. A recent Demos talk. Even visiting speakers at my place (Radley College nr Oxford: seem to disproportionately favour Macs.

There seems to be a marked divide between “creatives” – people who want to get things done – and “consumers” who simply take what is on offer. And the former tend to use Macs.

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