Daily Archives:August 27th, 2005


Chris DiBona uploaded this rather nice picture of Ward Cunningham (creator of the original Wiki) holding a half-exploded balloon.

The high-speed photography session was a fun one at Foo Camp, but I got there at the end and didn’t get anything as good as those in Chris’s collection.

A different kind of Bluetooth security flaw

A Cambridge Evening News article. Do laptops really respond to Bluetooth queries when they’re asleep?

(I never imagined I would ever post a link to the Cambridge Evening News here!)

Just enough piracy

An interesting post on Chris Anderson’s blog. An extract to whet your appetite:

I was chatting with a former Microsoft manager the other day and he revealed that after much analysis Microsoft had realized that some piracy is not only inevitable, but could actually be economically optimal. The reason is counterintuitive, but intriguing.

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