At Foo Camp I wrote about the fact that Mac users seemed to be account for about 50% of the attendees.

I counted here at Our Social World and it’s about 25-30%. The difference is probably partly due to a slightly less techie audience, and partly due to not being on the West Coast, but it’s still well up on the overall Apple market share.


Of all the things that Apple has done to change its image, possibly the most impressive is its inroads in the techie market. Here is a company who has owned the UI competition, and is now winning over the tech market. Oh yeah, they have the iPod and will get Intel chips. Good stuff.

I would very appreciate it if someone can email on the invention of the webcam, all the people that had to do with the invention and if possible how it works.

Hi Jack – it’s a bit off topic – but you can find lots of information here.


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