Daily Archives:October 30th, 2005

Striking a bum note

John (not doing so) in his Observer column about the record industry.

In the end, of course, rationality will prevail, because the record industry will run out of money to pay for lawyers long before kids get bored with file-sharing.

More on this subject, too, in the latest TWiT podcast, which has Larry Lessig as a guest.

Web Bloopers

BBSpot specialises in satire about politics, technology, current affairs. It’s of very mixed quality. What can be quite good, though, is the BBloopers section, a place for people to post amusing screenshots captured from web pages.

See this one, for example – note the area highlighted in red – or this one.

Some traditional newspapers have a large front-page photo and a large front-page headline, often not from the same story, and I’m often bemused by the juxtaposition. I guess such things will get much more common as we get more and more electronic syndication.

Some bloopers, on the other hand, just result from an over-enthusiastic spell-checker, one suspects.

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