L.A. is a great big freeway…

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…put a dollar down and buy a car

Well, yesterday I put a few more down and rented one. I was driving from LAX to Orange county, about 40 miles, and the nice man at Alamo offered me a very cheap upgrade to a convertible, which I couldn’t resist.

So I was cruising down the highway, feeling truly Californian, gazing at the HOLLYWOOD sign on the hills through the fronds of the palm trees lining the road, and wondering if I would actually get sunburn in January. And I had some sense of why so many million people want to live here.

Unfortunately, I met most of those millions as I tried to make my way back to the airport in the evening. Those 40 miles took three hours. This has happened to me here before. And I decided I probably wouldn’t be one of the millions, not, at least, until I can afford a helicopter.

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