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Hopeful news from the USPTO

Quoted on Paul Bissex’s blog:

Last month, USPTO representatives met with members of the open source software community…The meeting focused on getting the best prior art references to the examiner during the initial examination process.

I’ve always felt that published applications on the patent offices’ websites needed a button labelled ‘Click here to report possibly relevant prior art’. Maybe this is a step closer to that goal.


One thing my new MacBook won’t have is a PCMCIA (PC Card) slot. I’ve been rather fond of this on my old Powerbook – a CF card adaptor lives there permanently, and it means that I can always get photos off my camera without the need for cables.

CFCF adaptor

The new machines have an ExpressCard slot. This is the replacement for the old PC Card standard; it has been around for a while and has lots of advantages, but I haven’t seen any cards for it yet, and the slot is too small for a Compact Flash adaptor, so it’ll be back to cables, I guess, for transferring my photos.

Patience is a virtue

Well, I’ve been very patient. Patient, first, while my insurance company took two months to pay up after my old Powerbook came to a tragic end, and then patient while I waited for Steve Jobs’ keynote address. But it was worth it, because he announced the Powerbook replacement, the MacBook Pro, and I have one on the way… Hee hee.

But my patience is not yet exhausted, and it’s just as well, because though they’re taking orders now, delivery is sometime in February. And the Apple retail stores will no doubt get them sooner than the local dealer with whom I placed my order. I’m hoping that good things come to those who wait…

Inuit Words for Snow

Everyone talks about how the Eskimos have 100 different words for snow. Well, apparently, here they are.

Thanks to Dale for the link.

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