Diamond, in the rough

Catelonia Art Museum

Barcelona has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, often right next door to some of the ugliest.

Barcelona buildings

The outskirts of the city seem to be mile upon mile of dull apartment blocks, and reminded me of nowhere so much as Moscow, though admittedly these ones looked a bit better kept!

But the centre of the city is a real jewel. I loved it. I spent ages burrowing my way into these little medieval streets and getting pretty lost and then I’d suddenly come around the corner and find a cathedral or an archway or a plaza which took my breath away.

Plaza Reial


I’ve only ever been to Barcelona in the month of December, and only for short periods, but it still comes across as a great city to live in. Exploring the main cemetary / necroplis on foot was hard work, but fasinating with the oldest tombs at the foot of the hill and the newest coffin slots at the top.

Of course, sometimes it’s hard to know where you are in Europe…


Very nice, James – love the sweetie pictures.
This one of Bill’s is fun, too:


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