I was in our local hospital today for a minor checkup – nothing serious – and in fact I’d never been there as a patient before so it took me a while to find the right department.

“Are you here to see Sister Ruth?”, asked the receptionist, and I said that I wasn’t quite sure, but it sounded plausible. I took a seat and waited for the matronly figure in a white coat to appear.

“Mr Stafford-Fraser? I’m Ruth.”, said a voice, and I looked up to see an exceedingly pretty and… ahem… curvaceous young blonde in a tight, brightly-coloured top, short skirt and high-heeled shoes.

“Now”, she said, leaning over me. “I’m just going to take your pulse and measure your blood pressure”.

And are you also running a control experiment?, I wondered…

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This otherwise brilliant blog post feels incomplete without supporting photographic evidence 😉

so what was your pulse??

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