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Keeping romance at bay, the Chinese way

“Four students will be grouped together to perform the waltz and they will change partners regularly as soon as one song finishes. This way, the risk of young love will be lowered.”

BBC story here.

Nokia Media Transfer for E61

In case anyone else is Googling for this…

Nokia have released the Nokia Media Transfer app which allows Mac users to copy media to their phones conveniently. Only certain phones are supported at present, but a few more than they let on… If you have an E-series Nokia it may be worth trying.

Basically, you install the application, let it search for your phone, and if it sees it but says it isn’t supported, then quit the app and see if you can find a ‘profile’ file for your device here. Put it in /Library/Application Support/Nokia Media Transfer/Profiles and then remove anything in your ~/Library/Application Support/Nokia Media Transfer/ folder. Restart the application and you should find your phone is supported.

More info in this thread. Many thanks to all concerned- it works on my E61.

For whom the bell tolls

Today I spoke to a friend in Seattle who, I discover, has an iPhone. I heard it ringing in the background. That’s about as close as we get to the action from here.

The somewhat embarrassingly geeky bit of this story is that I was able to recognise it as an iPhone ringtone even though I’ve never even actually seen one…

Spell with Flickr

John & Brian found a very nice little web app. You give it a word and it spells it out using letters from Flickr.

s T A T has a missing button U S Q

You can insert Javascript in your own page, if you like, then you’ll get something different on every reload:

T-mobile @Home

Good David Pogue style:

Man, oh man. How’d you like to have been a PR person making a cellphone announcement last week, just as the iPhone storm struck? You’d have had all the impact of a gnat in a hurricane.

But hard to believe though it may be, T-Mobile did make an announcement last week. And even harder to believe, its new product may be as game-changing as Apple’s.

For a modest extra charge on your cellphone bill, you can make free wifi-connected calls from any wifi network – including T-mobile hotspots, and also from a router they provide for your home. There are only a couple of phones currently offered, but they can hand off seamlessly from wifi network to GSM and vice-versa.

BT and others have played in the past with mobile phones which could, alternatively, use DECT when they are in your house, and many smartphones are now capable of making voice calls over wifi, but there’s nothing as elegant as this, if it works as advertised.

US only at present. Definitely worth watching.

Here’s the full article.

Interesting fact of the day

UK online advertising grew 46% in 2006 – making us one of the biggest users of the medium. In 2007, more than half of the online advertising spend in western Europe will be in the UK. And if you look at online advertising as a proportion of our total spend, we are way ahead of anyone else including the US.

Source: ZDnet/BusinessWire

Phone records

It’s now estimated that the iPhone sold more than 700,000 units in its first weekend. A few people are having trouble getting their account activated with AT&T, which is perhaps not too surprising… AT&T have never had any device sell that many units in its first month before.

YouTube nostalgia

My brother Simon pointed out a wonderful use for YouTube tonight: finding those great comedy sketches that you remember from days of yore. So I went off searching for Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and came across an old favourite – the art gallery sketch:

Cook was absolutely brilliant at improvisation, but Moore had many other talents. I love his parody of Beethoven: Lots more good stuff where they came from!

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