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Shadow puppets

My brother Simon sent me a link to this splendid short performance by Raymond Crowe (who describes himself as an ‘unusualist’).

3G iPod?

Here’s a thought…

My Nokia E61 can be used as a 3G modem via its Bluetooth connection. The very popular Nokia N95 does the same. But they also have WiFi. I wonder if it would be possible to create software that would allow them to become WiFi routers? I don’t know enough about the radio hardware involved to know whether this is viable. I fear not, or somebody would have done it by now.

Lots of interesting devices now have WiFi – the iPhone, the iPod Touch, the Nintendo DS… Just imagine if I could just switch on my pocket WiFi basestation and give them all 3G connectivity. That would be exceedingly cool.

What’s the nearest I can get to this – anybody know?

England’s Green and Pleasant Big Blue

HursleyI was invited to give a talk on Ndiyo, CamVine and DisplayLink at IBM Hursley yesterday. It was a first for me – I hadn’t been there before – but it must be a nice spot to work.

Just outside a picturesque Hampshire village you turn off the road and go up a long drive through beautiful grounds to the campus. It’s centred around a magnificent 18th-century house, and though this is rather dwarfed now by the extensive modern buildings which are home to the nearly three thousand IBM employees there, it must be very pleasant to stroll through the gardens at lunchtime. And I doubt many other technology campuses have their own cricket pitch.

It was also the first time I’ve given a technology talk in a former ballroom! I met some great people and had good discussions. But we stopped short of dancing.

When is an iPhone not an iPhone?

When it’s an iPod touch. Announced yesterday.

The first iPod with wifi, and a nice web browser. This is very cool.

iPod Touch

It’s interesting that they decided not to include an email app. Perhaps to keep more clear water between it and the iPhone?

Also, quite intriguing, is the new partnership with Starbucks which lets you buy the track currently playing (and anything else on the iTunes Music store) in a Starbucks outlet using their wifi network. A new icon appears on the iPod when you’re in range. Howard Schultz says that he hopes Starbucks will become a key place for music discovery. Mmm. Is this what will replace the traditional high-street music stores?

The iPhone has also dropped significantly in price – now only $399 for the 8GB model, not including the contract of course – but that just makes the various unlocking projects look even more significant.

Steve Jobs keynote is here.

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