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Pixels Galore

On the (somewhat wearisome) occasions when I have to visit trade shows, it always amazes me how many exhibition stands give you absolutely no idea of what the company does. There’s a company logo and some meaningless catchphrase… you know the kind of thing:


Bringing the Best to Your Customers

and a couple of guys standing around in suits wondering why nobody comes and talks to them. If you’re HP, people will know what you do and you don’t need to tell them. But if you’re Footle & Wirble, you need to get the message across in the time it takes me to walk slowly past your stand. Especially if you don’t have any pretty girls there.

My pal Dennis Crespo at DisplayLink has done a lovely, succinct 1-minute demo of what you can do with their technology. I’m not sure if he intended it for exhibition stands, but this is the sort of thing that I think would work well.

It’s the histogram that counts…

[pun intended :-)]

John has a pointer to this great idea.

And the ‘picture-hidden-within-a-picture’ concept reminded me of a not-so-distant craze… do you remember how we all went cross-eyed a few years back looking at autostereograms?

Just for nostaligia, here’s a nice horse and here’s an animated one – a swimming shark.

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