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Intelligent Life magazine has a light-hearted article by Will Smith… I liked this:

Football involves a lot of running around and people trying to stamp on your feet. Rugby involves a lot of running around and people trying to stamp on your scrotum. Cricket involves a maniac hurling a piece of red concrete at every part of your anatomy. But golf: I think golf could be the sport for me. There’s no body-contact, and it involves strolling round a large garden.

East Anglian Altitude

Yesterday I visited the Møller Centre here in Cambridge.


Interesting architecture, and a great view from the tower:

Cambridge Skyline

There’s some other quite interesting architecture visible if we zoom in to the right:

View from the Moller Centre tower

The buildings on the right are the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, and the other tower, on the left, is the University Library, designed by Giles Gilbert Scott, who created several other rather Stalinist-looking buildings but redeemed himself by designing the iconic British red telephone box.

Giles was continuing in the family business – his father was also an architect responsible for some notable buildings, and his grandfather designed the Midlands Grand Hotel which formed the front of St Pancras’ Station. Now, that is something to be proud of… take a look!

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