Most people know about the Kindle and the Sony eReader, but what about the iRex Iliad? No, I hadn’t come across it either, but it has a few interesting features:

  • A great name
  • An even higher price tag than the others

but most importantly, and this could be especially interesting in certain professions:

  • You can annotate documents, as well as read them.

I’d like to try one out…

Thanks to Steve de Gabrielle for the link

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It’s also a lot more hackable than the other products, so if you’re considering building a prototype e-paper application then this is probably the best platform to do it on. A couple of their developers were at FOSDEM last year.

Partly of a consequence of the hackability, the range of content available for it is smaller than the other devices (lack of DRM). So it will either fail in the short term, or win in the long term, depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist.

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