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Pooter posts

Oh, and talking of trying old classics in new media… Kevan Davis has made George Grossmith’s The Diary of a Nobody available as a blog at diaryofanobody.net. Nicely done.

I wonder if Pooter would have approved.

Click and clack

Mmm. A classic American public radio show – Car Talk – is making its way onto television, in a new series using animated versions of its hosts, the Magliozzi brothers. I’m quite a fan, though only an occasional listener, but I really wonder about its viability in that medium.

Still, I wish them all the best… after thirty years of making people laugh, they deserve all the success they can get.

CNN has the story. Those of us in other parts of the world can hear the radio show on the Car Talk site.


OK – apologies for the rant… Is it just me, or have light bulbs really gone downhill in recent years? It seems as if scarcely a week goes by without me having to replace one.

I’m sure it wasn’t like that in my childhood. I don’t think we have more in our house than my parents had in theirs, or that we use them more. Perhaps we have a higher proportion of ‘strange’ ones – spotlights, candles, globes… and these varieties haven’t evolved to the same degree as the common-or-garden species?

The worst ones seem to be Philips, but most of the places we shop don’t seem to sell anybody else’s any more. The Philips spotlight bulb I’ve just replaced after a couple of months claimed to have a one year lifetime (based on 3 hours’ use per day). Even if it had managed that, it doesn’t seem like a great achievement, in this day and age.

The low-energy ones often do rather better, as they should, given their cost, but I’m too fond of dimmer switches to be able to change to those in any wholehearted way, and I’m still rather dubious about whether the true environmental benefits over their lifetime, if any, justify the cost and inconvenience…

So tell me, am I just becoming old and cranky, or does somebody still make a good old 60-watter the way they used to when I were a lad?

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