Daily Archives:July 9th, 2008

Blog beginnings

My friend and colleague Ray Gordon has a new blog. Ray is a very good electronic engineer and a very successful businessman; if he takes to this new medium it should be interesting.

Anyway, in his very first post, he released some of his software into the public domain. It allows a Microchip PIC to emulate a USB Mass-storage device. Esoteric stuff, but trust me, there are people out there who will be most grateful for this – it’s a great start!

A little bit.ly

You probably know TinyURL, which takes nasty long URLs like this:


and gives you a nice shorthand version like this:


which does the same thing, and is much easier to put in emails, or read over the phone.

Well, a new service has just launched called Bit.ly (no doubt starting a new craze in Libyan domain names) which does much the same kind of thing, and a whole lot more. Bit.ly links look much the same:


but for more information about why it’s different, see this post. It looks good.

But TinyURL has been around for ever and has proved very reliable; it’ll be interesting to see if this new pretender can usurp it…

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