If the world could vote…

Martin sent me a link to this quite interesting site – if the world could vote for the US president, whom would you pick?

Now, this is a cute idea, though of course the rest of us won’t have to live with the domestic decisions, the tax burden, the healthcare system etc. of whomever gets chosen. And I wish it had been done by somebody inside the country rather than an outsider.

None the less, it’s valuable data, so as long as you can say with a clear conscience that you wouldn’t mind Americans making suggestions about your next leader, cast your vote!

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Americans are very welcome to make suggestions about our next elections (Australia); however, I suspect most Americans don’t know the first thing about our politicians, political parties or political issues. The very real issue is that whatever happens in America resonates very loudly here, as it does in 200+ other countries. We really don’t have far to go to provide some evidence to support this – look at the current global financial crisis – brought about by some investment bankers on Wall Street. This is the real story, and the very real reason so many of the citizens of the world are taking such an unprecedented interest in the outcome of the US elections.

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