Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2008

Thanks to Claes-Fredrik for pointing me at another toy I can’t afford! This is supposedly the world’s first viable flying car – well, flying buggy, really – but they’re planning to ‘drive’ it from London to Timbuktu to prove it works.

More information in this Times article, and more pictures on the expedition’s website.

Now, it seems to me that, as an expeditionary vehicle, this isn’t quite complete until you put some floats on the side and make it amphibious. That must be the ultimate – when you combine it with one of these. Then I might have to remortgage the house…

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Almost, Quentin. It must also be submersible. It would help if there was some way to sleep inside it as well, even if it were as cramped as a mountaineering pack-tent. Oh, boy am I getting giddy!

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