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Regular walking or running not really your thing? Or have you spent so much time at the gym that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to run or cycle and actually move around at the same time?

You need SpeedFit!

Yes, they’re serious…

Many thanks to Frazer for the link!

Geotagging on Flickr

A quick hint: If you tag your photos with their GPS location (in the EXIF data), Flickr can put them on a map for you.

But it doesn’t do it automatically.

You need to enable it using the option on this page:

Even then, it only does it for photos you upload from that point forward. I haven’t found a way yet to get it to make use of the lat and long I’ve been including in most of my photos for the last few months.

Still, this is a good start. I’ve re-uploaded my last batch and you can see the map here.

Many thanks to Chet.

Update: Here’s a script that can use the EXIF data restrospectively. Fabulous! Many thanks to Sam Judson!

The storm before the calm



Taken on the same walk, last weekend.

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