Regular walking or running not really your thing? Or have you spent so much time at the gym that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to run or cycle and actually move around at the same time?

You need SpeedFit!

Yes, they’re serious…

Many thanks to Frazer for the link!

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As we used to say “Only in America”!

Nice one Quentin. But I’m flabbergasted, honestly flabbergasted. In fact I just like saying the word flabbergasted 🙂 But on this occasion I think its appropriate.

Wow. Talking about doing easy things the hard way. This took real creativity, considerable expense and enormous disregard for reality.

Can’t wait to get one and change my first tire. Where do they keep the spare tire? And is there a reverse gear? How does it stop when going down a hill? Do you just backpedal? Will politicians be the only ones who can safely drive this thing?

And what about all the CO2 generated by the engine?

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