Nice. Ny Crimbo pressie was an open canoe, and so far I’ve only managed to go on the Cam between the A14 and Clayhithe (many times though). I’ll have to venture out to the Nene. Any tips of where to put in/get out? I guess you drove with the canoe/kayak there?

Hi Ferg –

Yes – and I found a wonderful spot to put in – under the bridge in Wansford. That’s the first picture in my post, and you can park close by: just opposite the Haycock hotel. I went upstream, but down’s nice too…

My kayak’s inflatable, so it’s easy to transport, but needs a nice flat place like this to inflate it. If you click on the images, it’ll take you to a set on Flickr. Most of them should be geocoded, so you can find them on the map, and it’ll also show you more pictures than I wanted to post here, including a couple showing my boat…


Thanks for that. As soon as I’ve gained the courage to drive with the boat on the roof bars I’ll have a trip out there. I prefer upstream, as then it’s easier on the way back!

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