Daily Archives:March 27th, 2009

Social Spaghetti

  • My tweets are cross-posted to Facebook because I know they’ll fit. It doesn’t work the other way around.
  • My blog posts can be any size, and are posted to Twitter as URLs, so the links end up on Facebook as well.
  • I guess my Facebook entries could be cross-posted to Twitter as URLs but they aren’t usually worth a click! And it could create a feedback loop which would cause my social world to implode.
  • Some of my friends reply on Twitter, some on Facebook, and some on the blog.
  • I get email notifications about blog and Facebook responses. Twitter replies I often miss. I’d like emails from Twitter but am worried that it would be a bit…well… curmudgeonly, like those people who supposedly could only read emails after their secretary had printed them out.
  • Most of my important communications are in Skype IM anyway, which doesn’t link to anything!

I wonder what this will look like in three years’ time…

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