Kingsley Amis, please. Skinny with an extra shot.

Blackwell’s in London have installed their first Espresso Book Machine. From the Guardian article:

It’s not elegant and it’s not sexy – it looks like a large photocopier – but the Espresso Book Machine is being billed as the biggest change for the literary world since Gutenberg invented the printing press more than 500 years ago and made the mass production of books possible. Launching today at Blackwell’s Charing Cross Road branch in London, the machine prints and binds books on demand in five minutes, while customers wait.

Which does make me wonder whether, before long, we won’t have coffee shops in bookstores. We’ll have bookstores in coffee shops…


I’ve seen a couple of places where a Waterstones has a Costa in the back.

…or is that what you meant?

Note to self: read thoroughly before clicking “send”…

But the point now is that a Costa could effectively have a Waterstones in the corner!

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