Daily Archives:June 14th, 2009

Lateral thinking

Now here’s an aircraft I hadn’t come across before: the Coléoptère.

It was a French VTOL plane designed in the late ’50s.

It made a few test flights, but crashed on one of them… it never went into production. [Clicking on the pictures will take you to more info.]

Thanks to Yann Le Cun, whose blog linked me to this diagram, which made me curious to find out more…

Parental duties

Mr & Mrs Blackie, as we’ve christened them, have been busy and have produced a second nestful of squeaking chicks in the clematis outside our kitchen window, a gang who obviously need constant feeding.

Having a strange man land in the garden in a deck chair this afternoon didn’t stop them, but they kept a close eye on me as they went about their duties.




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