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Three inches can make all the difference

Or so this notice, in the open air outside King’s Cross, would have you believe…

Smoking not permitted

[ Now, how many of you saw the title and thought it was something to do with another recent post? ]

Lost in the Amazonian forest

I know that quite a few of you have been good enough to purchase Rose’s novels, but we’d also heard that people were waiting a long time for their deliveries from Amazon.

We contacted the publisher, who hadn’t had an order. They chased Amazon, who found that a glitch in their system meant the order had never been placed. Meanwhile Amazon was apologising to people for the delays caused by the publisher…

Anyway, it’s all being sorted out and we hope things should start moving again soon. Thanks for your patience!


Pubmed is perhaps the foremost repository of medical research papers. A lot of it is very dry and no doubt largely unintelligible to lesser mortals such as myself.

There’s some interesting stuff there too, though…

Invisible drum kit

Hadn’t seen this one before. Rowan Atkinson is just superb.

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