I’m very impressed at what the Cambridge University Office of Communication have been up to recently. There’s a wonderful selection of stuff on iTunes U (which is now easy to access directly on an iPhone or iPod Touch).

But I’ve also just discovered the Cambridge University YouTube Channel which also has much of the same material in a different layout. The quality is excellent.

There are some lovely shorts produced by Windfall Films, too, in the Cambridge Ideas playlist. Here’s six minutes of my pal David Mackay:


I’ve been pointed at this. I feel that I must mention the Streaming Media Service at Cambridge. With the exception of a few things (most notable the Naked Scientist podcasts) almost all the content in the Cambridge iTunesU and YouTube channels are available from iTunesU in fact gets its content directly from there (albeit via Akamai).



Splendid! Many thanks, Julian – I didn’t know about SMS.

The best thing about all these different front-ends to the content is that I find different good stuff from each one!

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